We offer our services for: Construction

Renovation work often causes a lot of dirt and dust. The specialised EcoCleaners teams clean your site with care, so as to maintain its value for future use. The use of ecological products guarantees the respect of newly built or renovated premises.

Cleaning after renovation/construction

At the end of the project, the concern of the builders and/or the developer is to clear everything away and clean any residual dirt and dust. Our teams of experienced professionals clean the site carefully, clearing away all the rubble, residues of cement or resin, sawdust or PVC, as well as any other dirt caused by the works. We use single-disc floor machine or scrubber-dryers on floors so as to clean them in-depth and remove encrusted dirt.
Our specialised teams also ensure that the premises are secure and that the atmosphere is clean: they air the buildings to eliminate the smell of materials and to refresh the air on the premises.

Major cleaning

EcoCleaners can handle large one-off cleaning operations, whether they are seasonal, annual or linked to a move to new premises. We can do cleaning in advance of a large festive event or the cleaning following the installation of a new kitchen, for example.

Site cleaning

EcoCleaners weet hoe belangrijk het is voor de verschillende ploegen om ongehinderd toegang te hebben tot de werkplek. Wij verwijderen achtergebleven vuil van de bouwvakkers en staan in voor de logistiek van het afvalbeheer: afval sorteren, afvoer van grote volumes (stenen, puin, hout enz.), afvalverwijdering, grondige reiniging en verwijdering van materiaalresten (gips, mortel, verf, lijm enz.). Dankzij een regelmatig onderhoud van het pand beschikt de bouwheer steeds over een schone bouwwerf en vermijdt hij geschillen met de verschillende betrokken partners en onderaannemers.

    • Industrial

      Cleaning the production and storage areas of your company

Why switch to ecological cleaning?

EcoCleaners offers an à la carte ecological cleaning service in Brussels and in all the large towns and cities in Belgium.

  • Reduction of pollution of the indoor air
  • Improvement of the working environment and well-being in the company
  • Impact on the outdoor environment
  • Concentrate our resources on maintaining standards.
  • Less waste, biodegradable products, less packaging
  • Prices equivalent to conventional products

A team of professionnels

EcoCleaners has a professional team, regularly trained to follow procedures and cleanliness instructions to the letter and respect the environment. All our experienced workers provide a quality service at all times. We do everything in our power to do our best for our customers, we earn the trust that they show in us, and we guarantee them ecological cleaning of their premises.