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We guarantee the use of ecological products that respect
the environment and that are not harmful to health!



EcoCleaners offers various types of fixed-rate packages for ecological cleaning of your business premises.



EcoCleaners has been operating in industrial cleaning, particularly in the food industry, and takes over the cleaning of your company’s production and storage facilities.



Renovation work often causes a lot of dirt and dust. The specialised EcoCleaners teams clean your site with care, so as to maintain its value for future use.



EcoCleaners can clean the common areas of your building. The cleaning of these areas is carried out using ecological products which protect people and the environment.





EcoCleaners is different from other cleaning companies because of its respect for the environment.

EcoCleaners uses only ecological household products and supplies consumables with eco-labels. Every time a chemical product is replaced by an ecological cleaning product, it increases the chances of breathing healthier air and respects the environment.


It is not good to use too many chemicals to clean your interior. Killing harmful bacteria and viruses is good, of course, but killing everything is not! Some of them are useful and necessary to maintain the hygiene of your interior. They also contribute to developing your immune system.

The majority of household cleaning products end up in the sewage system and then are returned to nature still containing their chemicals. Ecological household cleaning products have less of an environmental impact.

The use of ecological products has an impact on your health: the largely chemical-based composition of most non-ecological cleaning products can lead to irritation of the skin, the respiratory tract (or even the lungs), eyes and mucous membranes.

Ecological products are subject to constant research, and therefore are at the forefront when it comes to effectiveness, for a price equivalent to conventional chemical products.


Our product and consumables suppliers hold ECOLABEL certification.

It is the only European label that is accountable for the requirements for composition and performance of the products that it certifies as respecting the environment.
It guarantees, among other things, limitation of air pollution with solvents and VOC (volatile organic compounds, a certain quantity of which remain in spite of everything). This label also states that there is no ether, glycol, heavy metals, toxic substances or carcinogens.
In addition, it warrants transparency of production and compliance with the quantities announced.
EcoCleaners stands out from other cleaning companies through its respect for the environment. It uses only ecological household cleaning products and supplies consumables with eco-label certification.

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