We offer our services for: Commercial & Offices

EcoCleaners offers various types of fixed-rate packages for ecological cleaning of your business premises. Regular cleaning can be supplemented by one-off tasks such as cleaning your windows, carpets or even floors. All the products used are ecological and respectful of the environment.

Regular cleaning

EcoCleaners offers fixed-rate regular cleaning packages which enable you to save while relieving you of the worry of planning when your cleaning teams will be working. Whatever your business sector, or the size of your company, we set up a customised cleaning service which is both effective and competitively priced. We are also experts in the cleaning of shops and luxury boutiques, by our discreet, trustworthy teams.

Window cleaning

As window cleaning specialists, EcoCleaners relieves its customers of the chore of cleaning all their glazed surfaces, inside and out, shop windows, office partitions and skylights. EcoCleaners has the whole range of equipment needed to carry out  all above-ground cleaning work in accordance with safety rules: scaffolding, gondolas, elevating platforms.  Our expertise takes account of the available height and space, as well as the equipment that needs to be protected during our cleaning work.

Carpet cleaning

EcoCleaners cleans carpets of offices and shops as one-off jobs or as part of its regular cleaning package. We vacuum-clean the carpets regularly using our first-class equipment. However, we do recommend that you ask us to shampoo the carpets at least twice per year, to clean them really thoroughly.

Cleaning and maintenance of floors

EcoCleaners realises that it is important to keep your flooring in perfect condition and scour your waxed floors to enable you to keep them in good condition. Over the course of time, intensive traffic across floors does lead to an accumulation of dirt which becomes encrusted into waxed floors, causing them to lose their beautiful appearance. Once they have been scoured and all the dirt removed, EcoCleaners gives your floors a new lease of life by waxing them. Our specialists will know how to restore your floors to their original shine.

    • Industrial

      Cleaning the production and storage areas of your company

Why switch to ecological cleaning?

EcoCleaners offers an à la carte ecological cleaning service in Brussels and in all the large towns and cities in Belgium.

  • Reduction of pollution of the indoor air
  • Improvement of the working environment and well-being in the company
  • Impact on the outdoor environment
  • Concentrate our resources on maintaining standards.
  • Less waste, biodegradable products, less packaging
  • Prices equivalent to conventional products

A team of professionnels

EcoCleaners has a professional team, regularly trained to follow procedures and cleanliness instructions to the letter and respect the environment. All our experienced workers provide a quality service at all times. We do everything in our power to do our best for our customers, we earn the trust that they show in us, and we guarantee them ecological cleaning of their premises.