We offer our services for: Co-ownership committees

EcoCleaners can clean the common areas of your building. The cleaning of these areas is carried out using ecological products which protect people and the environment. Whether you are the property management agent or an owner yourself, we guarantee impeccable cleanliness of your building

Routine cleaning

EcoCleaners also cleans many co-owned buildings. There are many buildings in Brussels and Belgium who are dispensing with a caretaker and entrusting the cleaning to a specialist firm that manages the cleaning staff and provides a service 365 days per year.

One-off building caretaker service

EcoCleaners also offers a caretaker service to guarantee that your building or co-owned property runs smoothly during the caretaker’s holiday periods.

This can be routine cleaning or a replacement service.

  • EcoCleaners will take out the containers and dustbins, clean the common areas, the lifts and stairs.
  • In addition, EcoCleaners offers cleaning of indoor and outdoor car parks.
  • EcoCleaners can also take care of maintaining your garden.
    • Industrial

      Cleaning the production and storage areas of your company

Why switch to ecological cleaning?

EcoCleaners offers an à la carte ecological cleaning service in Brussels and in all the large towns and cities in Belgium.

  • Reduction of pollution of the indoor air
  • Improvement of the working environment and well-being in the company
  • Impact on the outdoor environment
  • Concentrate our resources on maintaining standards.
  • Less waste, biodegradable products, less packaging
  • Prices equivalent to conventional products

A team of professionnels

EcoCleaners has a professional team, regularly trained to follow procedures and cleanliness instructions to the letter and respect the environment. All our experienced workers provide a quality service at all times. We do everything in our power to do our best for our customers, we earn the trust that they show in us, and we guarantee them ecological cleaning of their premises.