A team of professionnels

With other twenty years’ experience, we set up a customised service for each of our customers, depending on the size of company and its requirements.

EcoCleaners has a professional team, regularly trained to follow procedures and cleanliness instructions to the letter and respect the environment. All our experienced workers provide a quality service at all times. We do everything in our power to do our best for our customers, we earn the trust that they show in us, and we guarantee them ecological cleaning of their premises.

Available everywhere in Belgium

EcoCleaners offers an à la carte ecological cleaning service in Brussels and in all the large towns and cities in Belgium.

Let's wash clean! Why switch to ecological cleaning?

EcoCleaners uses only ecological household products and supplies consumables with eco-labels. Every time a chemical product is replaced by an ecological cleaning product, it increases the chances of breathing healthier air and respects the environment.

  • Reduction of pollution of the indoor air
  • Improvement of the working environment and well-being in the company
  • Impact on the outdoor environment
  • Less waste, biodegradable products, less packaging
  • Eco-responsible/Eco-dynamic trend
  • Equivalent or higher quality of products thanks to technological progress in the sector
  • Prices equivalent to conventional products

and discretion

Responsiveness and availability

A guarantee of quality

Environmental ethics